Coho Salmon

Coho Salmon

The Coho Salmon fishery is a huge fishery in Oregon with hundreds of thousand (if not millions) of fish returning each year to spawn.

Coho Salmon run about 10lbs with a few fish each year reported in the 20lb range.  What these fish give up in size they make up in heart as they are one of the most addressive fish you will catch in Oregon waters.

Coho Salmon,  also known as Silver Salmon,  take their fight to the air and will make mutiple jumps and runs as they try and throw the hook.  Just because you have hooked a Coho Salmon doesnt mean that you will get it to the boat.

Silver Salmon are anazing eating fish.  They have a little less oil than their cousins the Chinook Salmon,  but if you keep this in mind while cooking them you will end up with an amazing meal.   Many people cook them with generous amounts of butter or bake them with Mayonaise and spices to replace the oil that is being cooked out of them.

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