Chinook Salmon

Chinook Salmon

Chinook Salmon are arguably the most popular Salmon to fish for in Oregon.   They are the biggest of the species that are found in Oregon waters.   Fish in the 15lb – 25lb range are very common with some fish report each year in the 30lb and 40lb range.

Chinook Salmon go by many different names depending on what part of the globe you are fishing in.   In Oregon we call them Chinook or Black Mouth.   In British Columbia they are sometimes known as Tyee Salmon (which means the Salmon is over 30 lbs) and in Alaska they are known primarily as King Salmon.

Chinook Salmon are delicious table fare with the highest omega oil content of all the species of Salmon.   You can grill them, bake them,  fry them and even smoke them.

Their meat tends to be bright orange and the texture is firm yet flaky.

Chinook Salmon are known for taking the fight to the deepest part of the water you are fishing.   In most cases you will get an agressive take down and then the fish will make multiple runs down and and away from the boat.  Your job is to hold on and keep a tight line so the fish does not come off the hook.




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